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In both cases the bodies had been enbedded in fissures of the diluvial inland ice.Then when the temperature fell the mud disappeared and the ice in which they were fast frozen had kept them, complete with their soft parts, in a state a preservation through the ages.When a stew is first frozen, it swells to a somewhat larger size, bulging the sealed plastic container.The longer it stays in the freezer, month after month, the more the moisture begins to separate, forming ice crystals inside the container. Year follows year, and the stew becomes more and more desiccated, as ice segregates from it.The food consisted of leaves and grasses, some of the later carrying seeds.We could tell from these that the mammoth must have come to its miserable end in the autumn." "Lapparent attributes the extinction of the mammoth to a gradual increase in cold and a decrease in the supply of food, rather than to a cataclysmic flood." (Guthrie 1990) "...

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In doing so he had established that the mammoth found by Adams in 1799 buried at the mouth of the Lena in a crevice of a cliff from 200 to 260 feet high, and sent by him to St.As for instant freezing, as claimed by Ted Holden, there is no evidence of that. Pfizenmayer was one of the scientists who actually recovered and studied the Berezovka mammoth.The Berezovka mammoth shows evidence of having been buried in a landslide, the cold mud acting as preservative and the underlying permafrost completing the process by freezing the carcass. I was able to obtain his book, Siberian Man and Mammoth through interlibrary loan.The fissures in the bank of diluvial ice on the Lena, which was far bigger than ours, had, according to Toll's findings, gradually filled with earth from the top downwards, and its upper surface covered with alluvial soil to such an extent that a fair number of the tundra plants were able to take root on it."Toll concluded that this particular Siberian ice was in no case recent, but was the remains of diluvial inland ice, which once covered the whole world, and then was gradually overlaid with earth, surviving to this day in the Arctic regions in ice-banks of varying extent. They proved that the animal had been preserved in the same way as Adams's mammoth, according to Toll, had been.

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