Dating anniversary trips

There may be bed and breakfast in the location and depending on where you go there may be off season rates available.Make allowance for the days that you are going to be gone and how much your daily limit is and stick to it.Over the past 2 years, we have accumulated everything we need (tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, etc.).Now that we have all these items, it is really a cheap vacation for us.

Once you are there, the exchange rate makes it so that dinners and hotels are amazingly inexpensive. Most State Parks have fully-furnished cabins for around 0 a weekend (I'm not sure about full-week rates) and if you go in the next few months, you can access off-season rates. My boyfriend and I, who are on a budget as well, just returned from Iceland and had a magnificent time!I was hoping some of your readers might know of any (or a way to find) inexpensive travel destinations? My husband and I just went to San Diego a few months ago and we ordered an Entertainment Book.My husband and I are looking for a place to spend our first anniversary, and we would like to go someplace quiet and romantic, but we only have about a thousand dollars (at *most*) to spend on vacation, and we only have 6 days off for traveling. It saved us a ton of money on food expenses and activities as well.Go to a search page (Yahoo is good for category searches) and look up vacation or beach or camping or whatever "type" of vacation you think you might be interested in. My family of 5 have been vacationing for years and we've never spent that much on any vacation!(Here's another idea -- how about a cute bed and breakfast? Don't let a travel agent do all your legwork for a fee when you can do it yourself for nothing! in Ipswich, MA Although I have never used it, I have been very interested and heard good things about home-exchange programs.

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