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If you know it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, why do you keep thinking that it’s a dove?

You see, our mentality about men and relationships is impacted greatly by the existence of these questions because if you find yourself willing to be in a relationship no matter what, these questions will exist.

Some are over long before it becomes official, it’s just that we cling, we try, or we even flog a dead horse.

Many people do end relationships but the problem of women who love emotionally unavailable men and assclowns in general is that when you have who don’t want to take the responsibility of ending things, you get a life in limbo. My new book How to Lose an Assclown in 90 Days is due out soon but if you want to get ahead on understanding your relationship struggles, especially with emotionally unavailable men, there is also my ebook, Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.

Some of Joseph's inventions were successful, including an early internal combustion engine and a notorious circus machine, the "Whirlwind of Death", an automotive loop-the-loop that was a big draw until a fatal accident at Barnum and Bailey's Circus in 1903.

Both Ravel's parents were Roman Catholics; Marie was also something of a free-thinker, a trait inherited by her elder son, who was always politically and socially progressive in outlook in adult life.

The questions exist because of the lack of responsibility that we have in the relationship – The onus is being placed on The general response of a Fallback Girl to a struggling relationship or their guy who doesn’t think it’s working or is half hearted?

Try harder, self-blame, keep telling him she loves him, keep saying she’s the best woman for him, keep trying to get him to change, keep going back again and again…

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His father, Pierre-Joseph Ravel, was an educated and successful engineer, inventor and manufacturer, born in Versoix near the Franco-Swiss border.(He was close to his father, whom he eventually followed into the engineering profession.) In later life, Ravel recalled, "Throughout my childhood I was sensitive to music.My father, much better educated in this art than most amateurs are, knew how to develop my taste and to stimulate my enthusiasm at an early age." There is no record that Ravel received any formal general schooling in his early years; his biographer Roger Nichols suggests that the boy may have been chiefly educated by his father, although free compulsory secular education became the law in 1882.If you’re happy to be in a relationship that someone else has been saying is struggling or that he wants out of, it’s very difficult because really, you’re both co-existing on 2 different relationship planets.If anything, he’s disrupting your sense of reality and is what many Fallback Girls struggle with.

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