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A jovial man who shows flashes of temper, Mr Kolomoisky also caught the public mood of anger with Russia, calling Vladimir Putin, its president, a "schizophrenic of short stature" who was "completely incapable, totally insane".Mr Putin responded that the businessman was a "unique villain" and expressed amazement that "such a scoundrel could be appointed governor".Mr Poroshenko, himself a rich chocolate manufacturer, made him governor as the country began to implode.Russia was on the verge of seizing the Crimea peninsula; separatists in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions would soon begin seizing government offices and carving out de facto independent "people's republics".Sergei Leshchenko, an MP and opponent of Mr Kolomoisky, said the tycoon had gone too far.

Those men who have communicated with Russian girls, dated or even married one, can easily prove the contrary.

"None of the governors will have their private armed forces," Mr Poroshenko told army chiefs two day before he dismissed Mr Kolomoisky on Wednesday.

The fracas raises another, more enduring question that taunts post-Soviet Ukraine: can it shake off the rule of self-serving tycoons?

Mr Kolomoisky was born in the city of Dnipropetrovsk and started out in business buying and selling computers.

Later he co-founded the Privat Bank banking chain and by 2012 had amassed a fortune of billion (£2 billion), with assets in airlines, oil and metals.

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