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What will happen if China drives our farmers out of business? Show #1131: Chewing Our Way to Today - (5.22 MB) Listen Now Subject: Topics include a look at the conditions that gave rise to hominid teeth; how those teeth enabled hominids to become humans adapted to the variability of the world; and how that evolution is speeding up into modern times. - (40.95 MB) Listen Now Guests: Bryan Mussard, President of the Montana Stockgrowers Association, and Bill Bullard, CEO of R-Calf USASubject: Topics include a look at the competitive position of American beef in a market of open borders; why China is buying Montana beef, when it can buy beef for less elsewhere; and to whom will the good beef go in the future.Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University Subject: Topics include how humans think; how animals think; and how humans can work animals by thinking like animals.Show #1106: BIOLOGY OR CHEMISTRY - (15.36 MB) Listen Now Guests: Biologist Anne Bikle, author of Dig to Grow and Geologist David Montgomery, author of Growing a Revolution Subject: Topics include how industrialization changed how farmers use soil to grow food; what the consequences are of that change; and speculation as to which is best to eat, foods grown with biology or foods grown with chemistry?Show #1122: Eyewitness Venezuela - (15.01 MB) Listen Now Guest: Francisco Valencia, President, Codevida Subject: Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on earth, yet we read of its citizens eating zoo animals and using animal drugs to treat themselves. Show #1120: - (24.64 MB) Listen Now Guest: Larry Olmsted, Author of Real Food Fake Food Subject: Topics include the difference between real food and fake food; the extent to which food fraud exists in the commercial marketplace; and how to know whether food is real or fake.Show #1119: Political Food Activism - (15.57 MB) Listen Now Guest: Julie Guthman, Ph D, Co-Author of The New Food Activism, Subject: Topic include why some believe free market forces have been insufficient to provide for a healthy food chain; how political activism has emerged to force needed change; and whether this activism can actually bring social justice to food. - (40.08 MB) Listen Now Subject: It would be much easier, and a lot cleaner, to grow organic food in water. Renee Dufault, Former FDA Inspector, Author of Unsafe At Any Meal Subject: Topics include how the FDA protects bad things in good food; what impact bad things can have on the human body; and what can be done to protect against bad things in good food.

How can a GMO be substantially equivalent to an non-GMO? - (14.73 MB) Listen Now Guest: Justine Smith, Doctoral Student, University of California, Santa Cruz Subject: Topics include the extent to which people, pumas and prey live in close proximity; how all are adjusting to living together; and whether people, as the apex predator, can live in harmony with other predators and their prey. - (15.25 MB) Listen Now Guests: Ecological Farming Foundation veterans Sam Earnshaw, Thomas Wittman and Deborah Yashar Subject: Winter is the time to sort seeds and confer on a new growing season at one of the many farm conferences around the nation.Show #1093: - (14.66 MB) Listen Now University of California Molecular Biologist and Professor Emeritus Harry Noller Subject: Topics include a look into the mechanisms of living cells; how the ribosomes within those cells manufacture the essential proteins of life, and whether our knowledge of those ribosomes can help us find viable replacements for the antibiotics that are no longer viable.Show #1092: Dammed California: Water enough for agriculture?- (15 MB) Listen Now Guests: Danny Merkley, Director of Water Resources, California Farm Bureau & Bill Wattenburg, Ph D, Engineer, Radio Host, Senior Research Scientist Research Foundation, California State University Subject: Show #1091: Safely Substantially Equivalent!- (14.81 MB) Listen Now Guests: Alison Van Eenennman, Animal Geneticist, University of California, Davis, and Mc Kay Jenkins, Author, Food Fight Subject: If a GMO food crop is substanially equivalent to a non-GMO food crop, it is deemed safe to eat.

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