Estj dating intj

That one thing ranges from writing to photography to programming. It’s our anchor in the wild seas of self-confidence.

Often, the INFP self-confidence exists on shaky ground.

We aren’t so good at decisions about our external world like deciding if someone likes us or deciding what job we want.

However, when our gut instinct is wrong, Success Quality 2 bails us out. INFPs are knowledgeable or excel in at least one thing.

Whatever it is we want to achieve, INFPs have four qualities that bring us closer to our goals. Our primary cognitive function Introverted Feeling and our secondary Extroverted Intuition give INFPs an edge to self-awareness.

It’s these qualities if nurtured, bring us better outcomes. Introverted Feeling means we make decisions about our internal world all the time.

That one thing we’re good at gives us an anchor to hold until the storm passes.

That anchor keeps INFPs from being knocked off course when bad things happen. When the storm passes, we realize we aren’t that far off course, pull up anchor and start moving again towards our goals.

I don’t know any INFPs that go on drinking benders, or sell everything and move to Tibet, or trash our rooms when things don’t work out. Strangely enough, the best way to nurture that one good thing is to be good at another thing also.

If I felt off, I’d ask the instructors if I was doing something wrong. The wrongness I felt was something basic like my center of gravity being too high or my weight shifted wrong.

Other INFPs have commented that they always know when something is off in their life, even if they don’t know why.

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