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No matter what is said, especially if it appears to be conclusive, wait for more information rather than just acting on what is being said in the moment.

Throw into the mix Mercury meeting Saturn in your adventure zone which may bring news with long term impact or requiring some thought before acting on it. Then there’s a full Moon in our communication zone – the same day as Mercury heads dastardly retrograde.When in your 8th she adds that extra intensity and amps up the lust factor.If you’re coupled up this could reignite the passion or if you have started seeing someone, take it to the next stage.Venus enters Sagittarius this week – on the same day Mars and Uranus eye one another off across the heavens.Venus ups our creativity, our sense of adventure, our passion for something expansive and bigger when here. Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (9th) Venus enters Sagittarius (9th) Mars in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries (exact) (7th to 1st) Full Moon in Gemini (3rd) Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (9th) Taurus Accept the gift of release from blocks New opportunities are just below the horizon Significant matters come to a conclusion What’s working for you this week, Taurus?

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