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actor Gilles Marini has opened up about his experience of unwanted sexual advances in Hollywood in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.Marini, who played Samantha Jones's [Kim Cattrall] attractive neighbour Dante in "I didn't see many men use the hashtag #Me Too," he added, referring to the viral hashtag used by sexual assault victims on social media."And the reason is because it's a stigma, it's a shame, you lose your manhood."It's a worldwide thing," he said, and added: "It involved women, but it also involves a lot of men.and has sent the company into a tailspin, with creative partners and networks working to distance themselves from the company.

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Segel’s experience on “The Mist” left her shaken and angry.After much consideration of the potential risk to her career, Segel decided to go public with her Bob Weinstein experience in an effort to help raise awareness of the extra burden that women often face and to encourage the industry to put a stop to behavior that has too often been seen as part and parcel of the high-pressure business of producing a TV show.Segel’s discomfort with Bob Weinstein began in June 2016 when he invited her out to dinner in Los Angeles, at Dan Tana’s restaurant.More than 30 women have come forward with allegations that paint a pattern of behavior by Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator.The scandal resulted in Harvey Weinstein being fired by the board of the Weinstein Co.

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