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This is dangerous, since they do not understand the consequences of marriage on their individual lives.

The right to identity Indonesian citizenship is acquired from parents or by birth within the territory.

A large number of Indonesian children do attend primary school. This encouraging number should still be improved upon, so that all children benefit from the right to education, no matter their place in society.

However, an alarming number of these children do not continue on to the secondary level.

Often forced to prostitute themselves in order to pay back debts, this last group of children is subjected to traumatizing types of violence.

In addition, since Indonesia is known for its sexual tourism, many young women believe they will meet a Westerner that will offer them lots of money and a better life in exchange for their services.

This can take on multiple forms: sexual, psychological or physical.

For instance, the data on the child mortality rate are catastrophic: roughly 40% of Indonesian children die before the age of 5.

The need to earn money becomes a higher priority than education.

The children most affected by this lack of education are those from poor families, and even more particularly girls, who are often destined to become homemakers.

This country, divided into 13,000 islands, has not succeeded in improving the living conditions of all its families.

Therefore, many children living on the remote islands have very limited access to food, water and healthcare.

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