Seven habits highly defective dating

More specifically, she’s engaged in hidden self-harm – committing a slow form of suicide in the privacy of the bathroom stall.

Suicide is a flight from suffering, but there’s often a great deal of spite involved in it, too.

to feel love from; their parents, the peers who are bullying them, it’s a dumping of bad karma on “those who’ve done me wrong.” In most cases there are other solutions – learning better coping techniques, standing up to bullies, and owning up to the things you did to get bullied in the first place – but rather than confronting the problems within themselves, they embrace the model of the victim, and project all their blame onto the outside world.

Suicide is the perfect embrace of the victim mentality, refusing to take responsibility for that she never resolved the issues with her father, ad nauseam.

She has made the moral decision not to take responsibility for any of her actions, and so long as you are the man in her life, she will pin the blame on you.

Self-destructive people will always try and destroy those around them.

Variations in light levels, cultural values, genetic personality variations, and urban density will obviously affect the proportions – but it won’t affect the underlying causes. For both mental and physical illness, the solutions are: Good Diet, and – Good Hygiene.

The application to the physical body is obvious; the number one thing you can do to improve your health is eat a nourishing diet, and take care of yourself.

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Good diet and hygiene take discipline and forethought, as well as a community of people around you who are doing the same. To stay mentally healthy you need to: Surround yourself with positive (non-toxic) people, and- Pay attention to your own mental hygiene, so that choices.

Because I’m confident that they are not – at least, not in the way most people think.

The reality is that a girl with an “Eating Disorder” is a vicious and spiteful Schedule II case (usually a Borderline or a Histrionic), and while Tuthmosis is correct about them being demons in the sack, they’re demons of the sack, too; they are toxic people who should be avoided at all costs.

Both the mind and the body are complex, anti-fragile systems, and when such a system goes wrong, it usually happens due to one of only a handful of errors.

This is the problem with diagnostic criteria like the DSM series; they label thousands upon thousands of personality disorders, without ever asking what the motive cause behind them is.

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