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websites and exploring ways to block them, a woman has approached the court telling how addiction of pornography is destroying the matrimonial life of people.

In a petition filed in the Supreme Court, the Mumbai-based lady said that her matrimonial life had been destroyed as her husband became addicted to online pornography and pleaded the court to direct the Centre to take immediate steps to ban such obscene sites.

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People of all ages are becoming perverted and morally bankrupt due to porn addiction.I am unfortunately a victim of matrimonial dispute resulting out of porn addiction of my husband.I have also during my work as social worker come across people who have been adversely affected because of free and easy availability of porn contents all over the internet," she said.My husband is in his advancing years but still he has gone astray due to porn addiction, imagine what this addiction can do to the innocent minds of youth and children," she said.Expressing concern over multiple child pornography websites "which are being deliberately run with perversity to make money" , the court had asked the government to sit with Information Technology experts to find out ways and means to block such websites.

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